Animal Welfare Approved

Farmer Application

Animal Welfare Approved by AGW certifies and supports farmers raising their animals according to the highest welfare standards, outdoors on pasture or range. Consumer Reports has acknowledged Animal Welfare Approved as the only “highly meaningful” label for farm animal welfare, outdoor access and sustainability. All standards, policies and procedures are available on the AWA website, which along with AWA’s ISO 17065 accreditation demonstrates the highest level of transparency and accountability. Participation in the AWA program is voluntary.

Farmers in the program agree to a minimum of one visit a year from AWA staff or agents, with the possibility of additional visits if deemed necessary, to confirm compliance with the standards during various seasons and to allow observation of animals in different phases of life. Participation in the program is on an annual basis and must be renewed each year. Before applying, you should review the standards for the species in question to make sure you believe they are consistent with your farming practices and values. Please do not apply to the AWA program unless you have the animals in question currently on your farm.

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