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Sustainable Farming by A Greener World (a magazine incorporating the former Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW Newsletter) is written for farmers, ranchers and anyone interested in sustainable, high-welfare livestock production. Subscribe here, and browse current and back issues of Sustainable Farming and the previous Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW Newsletter below.


Sustainable Farming Magazine: Issue 1, Volume 3: Winter 2018

  • A Bitter Harvest The Workers Sidelined by Sustainability
  • New QR Packing Codes
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Johne’s Disease


Sustainable Farming Magazine: Issue 3, Volume 2: Fall 2017

  • The World Under Our Feet – Simple Steps For Managing Soil
  • Pork Co-op Goes Non-GMO
  • Carbon Farming
  • Poultry Litter Management

Sustainable Farming Magazine: Issue 2, Volume 2: Summer 2017

  • Wrong Target – Why a broad meat tax misses the point.
  • New AGW Merchandise
  • Safety on The Farm
  • Slaughter Plants Needed

Sustainable Farming Magazine: Issue 1, Volume 2: Spring 2017

  • New AWA logo; AWA Wins Institution of the Year; New Farm Certification Guide…
  • Opinion: Beware Greenwashing, warns Urvashi Rangan
  • Pig Breeding: Do you know what you’re buying?
  • Beef production: The Bigger Picture
  • Lameness In Sheep
  • Managing Parasites
  • Meet the Farmer: Working Cows Dairy in Slocomb, Alabama


Sustainable Farming Magazine: Issue 2, Volume 1: Fall 2016

  • New grassfed dairy label; National cheese award winners; Consumer welfare concerns, confusion
  • Opinion: The resurgence of family farms?
  • Agricultural apprenticeships: what’s involved for a host farm or ranch?
  • Best practice advice on food safety for farmers’ market stalls
  • Planning for a food recall
  • External parasites in cattle—prevention and control
  • Meet the Farmer: The Glos family in New York

Sustainable Farming Magazine: Issue 1, Volume 1: Summer 2016

  • Mutton: A Challenge or Opportunity?
  • AGW’s New Non-Genetically Engineered Label, Certified Non-GE by AGW
  • Farm Health Online
  • Opinion: Don’t Believe the Hype: Science shows grazing ruminants will play a vital role in feeding the world
  • Targeted Treatment of Clinical Mastitis
  • Farm Health Plans
  • Avoiding Heat Stress in Pigs
  • Meet the Farmer: Christy and Patrick Lohof of LOHOF Grass-Finished BEEF in Otter, MT


Summer 2014 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Belcampo Set to Break the Meat-Industry Mold
  • Call for 2014-2015 AWA Good Husbandry Grant Proposals
  • News in Brief: Barista Champ Chooses AWA Milk, Global Welfare Summit, Congressman Visits AWA Farm, New Co-Op Partnerships
  • Profile: Meet Topher Sabot of Cricket Creek Farm
  • Cover Feature: Grazing Management for People, Livestock, and Wildlife
  • Guidance: Building a Brand
  • Technical: Use Your Label to Tell Your Story
  • Notes From the Field: Don’t Lose Out on Future Markets
  • Meet the Farmer: Lucas and Louisa Farrell of Big Picture Farm
  • AWA Services: Help Us Make the AWA Newsletter Even Better

Spring 2014 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Calls for VCPR Could Harm High-Welfare Farmers
  • New AWA Publication Looks Back at 2013
  • News in Brief: PEDV Outbreak, AWA at TEDx, AWA Farms Share Award, Social Media Guide, Fund-a-Farmer Grants, Crowdfunding Success
  • Profile: Philip Ackerman – Leist of Green Mountain College
  • Cover Feature: An Alternative Road
  • Guidance: Innovative Marketing
  • Opinion: Antibiotic-Free Or Business as Usual?
  • Technical: Fostering Lambs, Kids, and Calves
  • Notes From the Field: Thank You
  • Meet the Farmer: Benji Anderson of Anderson Farms
  • AWA Services: AWA Marketing Materials


Winter 2013 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • AWA Grants Help Improve Farm Animal Welfare
  • AWA Welcomes New Farmer and Market Outreach Staff
  • News in Brief: CDC Antibiotics Report, Sustainable Education, New AWA Farm Videos
  • Profile: Karl Hudson and Mann Mullen of Rare Earth Farms
  • Cover Feature: Are You Getting What You Paid For?
  • Guidance: Welfare at Slaughter
  • Technical: Welfare on the Web
  • Notes From the Field: Auditing and Advising
  • Meet the Farmer: Yves Saint-Vincent of La Ferme Saint-Vincent
  • AWA Services: Meet Your AWA Farmer and Market Outreach Coordinators

Fall 2013 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • New Food Labels Exposed App from AWA
  • AWA Offers New Grassfed Certification in Canada
  • News in Brief: AWA Grants Deadline, Lab Burger, Cheese Award Winners
  • Meet Randall Bock of Bock Industries
  • Cover Feature: The Power of Food Labels
  • Guidance: Hosting Farm Visits
  • Technical: Planning for Breeding
  • Notes from the Field: A Question on Markets
  • Meet the Farmer: Luke Meerman of Grassfields Cheese
  • AWA Services: Sign Up for Our Monthly E-News Update

Summer 2013 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Unauthorized GM Wheat Threatens U.S. Export Market
  • Discounts for High Welfare Poultry Slaughter Tools
  • News in Brief: MRSA Linked to Farm Antibiotic Abuse, EU Bans Neonicotinoids
  • Meet Congresswoman Louise Slaughter
  • Cover Feature: A Helping Hand
  • Opinion: Working with Wildlife
  • Technical: To Dose or Not to Dose
  • Notes from the Field: Scheduling Re-audits
  • Meet the Farmer: Michelle Hartman of Three Cowgirls
  • AWA Services: Meet Your AWA Farmer and Market Outreach Coordinator

Spring 2013 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • AWA Receives Internationally Recognized Accreditation
  • AWA Introduces New Wildlife Conservation Program
  • News in Brief: New AWA Report; Glyphosphate Resistance Spreads, USDA Microloan
  • Meet Jim Wood of Palmetto Creek Farms
  • Cover Feature: The Tip of the Iceberg
  • Opinion: Thoughts on Sustainable Agriculture
  • Technical: Foraging Fowl
  • Notes from the Field: The Corrective Action Plan
  • Meet the Farmer: Robert Selement of Madrono Ranch
  • AWA Services: Low-Cost Egg Cartons for Spring


Winter 2012 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Industrial Organic Comes Under Fire
  • News in Brief: Food for All, Media Success, GM Failing
  • Meet Richard and Ronnie Huettmann of Acre Station Meat Farm
  • Grassfed and Greenhouse Gas
  • A Durable and Sustainable Future for Animal Husbandry
  • Coccidiosis in Cattle, Sheep and Goats
  • Meet the Farmer: John Deck of Deck Family Farm

Fall 2012 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Congressional Briefing on Farm Antibiotic Misuse
  • New 6-Count AWA Egg Carton Now Available
  • News in Brief: Cheese Award Success, Coexisting With Predators
  • Meet Sam Suchoff of The Pig restaurant
  • Special: Planning for Drought
  • Advice: Alternative Marketing
  • Discussion: The Case for Stunning Poultry
  • Notes from the Field: Unannounced and Spot Audits
  • Meet the Farmer: Scott Hasselmann of Hasselmann Family Farm

Summer 2012 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • 2012-2013 Good Husbandry Grants Announcement
  • Meet Deborah Stone of Stone Hollow Farmstead
  • News in Brief: White House Honors AWA Farmers, Cochon 555, AWA Farm-to-Farm Sales
  • Support: Making the Most of Farmers Markets
  • Discussion: Grassfed Beef is Greener – And That’s a Fact
  • Notes From the Field: Addressing Public Complaints
  • Meet the Farmer: Chris Kerston of Chaffin Family Orchards

Spring 2012 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • 2011-2012 Good Husbandry Grants Announced
  • Meet Shelby Grebenc, AWA’s Youngest Farmer
  • Helping Your Business: AWA’s Outreach Team
  • Planning Ahead for the Holiday Markets
  • Transportation of Chicks, Poults, Ducklings and Goslings
  • Meet the Farmer: Jamie Rowse of Berea College Farm


Winter 2011 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • State of the Plate DC Seeks Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Outreach Expansion
  • Profiles: Dan Gibson of Grazin’ and the Ashcrafts of North Valley Chevre
  • Technical: Breeding for Welfare and Vegetative Cover for Pigs
  • Discussion: Food Infrastructure and Distribution – Let’s Not Reinvent the Wheel

Fall 2011 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Farmer Profile: Green Dirt Farm
  • Discussion: The Misuse of Antibiotics
  • Technical: Vaccination: Positive Protection for Your Stock
  • Compliance Corner: Making the Most of the Pre-Audit Interview
  • Meet the Farmer: Jujo Acres Farm
  • AWA Services: Egg Cartons and Labeling Support

Summer 2011 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Farmer Profile: Farming Is All About Roots
  • Marketing Together: Co-ops and Producer Groups in the Sustainable Livestock Market
  • Technical Advice: Animal Health and Fecal Egg Counts
  • Opinion: Scaling Up the Production of Sustainable Animal Protein

Spring 2011 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Farmer Profile: A Dream Come True
  • AWA Grants: Working to Improve Welfare
  • Technical Advice: Pastures for Pigs
  • Marketing 101: How to Sell Your Goods


Winter 2010 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • AWA Announces New Online Directory
  • Hugh Fitzsimons of ThunderHeart Bison
  • Are You Seeing Double? A Closer Look at Cloning Technology
  • Agritourism: Adding Value to Sustainable Farming
    Download the Agritourism Resource List
  • Compliance Corner: Communicating Changes on the Farm

Fall 2010 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Schenker Family Farm Supplies A Little Home Comfort To Troops Overseas
  • First Canadian AWA farm: Natalie Chartier and Justin Audet of Le Biscornu, Quebec
  • Using Nature’s Efficiency in Grazing Animals for 21st Century Production
  • Meat Labeling 101:  Are You Making the Most of Your Label?

Summer 2010 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Success Breeds Success: Getting the most from replacement breeding stock
  • It May Sound Silly to Tweet, But Twitter is Tool that Works
  • Marketplace: Meet the Meatbuyer

Just want to print the Twitter article? Click here.

Read more on how you can use Twitter to market your farm from AWA farmers Chris and Gareth.

Spring 2010 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Moving Beyond Mystery Meat: British Dinner Lady Jeanette Orrey Joins AWA on School Lunch Reform Fact-finding Tour
  • AWA Awards 2010 Good Husbandry Grants
  • Preparation for Lambing


Winter 2009 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter Part I and Part II

  • Pacific Natural Foods: Producing Better Food for a Better Future
  • Grassfed and Methane: It’s Time to Set the Record Straight
  • AWA Lands in Hawaii
  • Farm Aid 2009

Fall 2009 AWI Quarterly

  • All in the Pleasant Open Air: Animal Welfare Approved Farmers Spearhead Return to Raising Cattle on Grass

Fall 2009 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Partners in Change
  • Just In: Reports from the 2008 Grants Cycle
  • Record Keeping–Worthless or Worthwhile?
  • Welcoming the Virtual Visitor: Using Social Networking to Promote Your Farm

Summer 2009 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association
  • Announcing the 2009 Good Husbandry Grants
  • Management to Avoid Tail Docking Sheep
  • Selling at Farmers’ Markets 101

Spring 2009 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • Planning to reduce internal parasites
  • AGA president awarded Animal Welfare Approved seal
  • Specialist Ken Smith: ensuring high welfare at processing plants


Fall 2008 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • A practical guide to farm health
  • Profiles of two grassfed beef farmers
  • A humane Thanksgiving feast feeds 700
  • Animal Welfare Approved at Slow Food Nation

Summer 2008 Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter

  • How to Make the Most of the Animal Welfare Approved Program
  • Chef Andrea Reusing, Lantern
  • Animal Welfare Approved Advising and Consultancy Program: We’re Here to Help!
  • Meet the Marketing and Outreach Team