Animal Welfare Approved

Rocky Meadow Farm – Francestown, NH

A physician by trade, Wayne LeClair began farming in 1990 after attending conferences across the country to learn more about the many health benefits of eating beef raised on pasture. “I was excited to discover so much recent research that uncovered the health advantages of pasture-raised beef,” Wayne explains. “I serendipitously discovered the Galloway breed and purchased two animals from one of the few breeders in New England at the time. The breed was perfect!” Wayne found the Galloway cattle to be beautiful animals with a mellow personality, and hardy for the New Hampshire winters.

Today, Rocky Meadow Farm is home to approximately 25 solid-color Galloway cattle, which roam across 270 acres of well-managed pasture and woodland at the base of Crotched Mountain in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. “Our cattle enjoy rotational grazing on native grasses and forbs, with fresh water available in every pasture, and natural minerals and salt to facilitate healthy growth of our young stock. We never feed any grain, growth promoters, or artificial hormones to our cattle,” says Wayne.

Animal Welfare Approved certification was an important objective for Rocky Meadow Farm: “Our AWA certification merely reflects the way we have always treated our animals and the land,” Wayne explains. One of the long-term goals at Rocky Meadow Farm is to continue educating consumers about the overall benefits of pasture-raised beef. “Sustainability, good stewardship, and responsibility to the Earth are all very important to us. We choose to work with nature, not against it,” Wayne adds.

Rocky Meadow Farm’s Animal Welfare Approved beef is sold direct from the farm. For information visit or contact Wayne LeClair at To follow Rocky Meadow Farm on Facebook, visit