Animal Welfare Approved


We welcome all family farms to apply to our program. Please take a look at our standards and if you find yourself in alignment with our values and practices, we invite you to apply to the program. Or, if you have questions, give us a call or send us an email.

Our philosophy is to be supportive and encouraging and we look forward to developing a long and lasting partnership with you and your farm. We strive to revitalize a culture of independent family farms, in which a humane ethic can be passed on to future generations.

Why join Animal Welfare Approved?

  • We’re the only free third-party animal welfare certification program.
  • We offer expert technical advice and marketing support.
  • Our program is exclusively for family farmers and cooperatives of family farmers.
  • Our program is the only pasture- and range-based program.
  • The World Society for the Protection of Animals has consistently rated our program as having the highest animal welfare standards of all third-party certifiers.

We are growing rapidly and encourage you to join us.  See more information included on tabs to the right.

To read about a few of our farmers, visit the Farmer Profiles page.

If you have questions about the program, give Julie Walker a call at (202) 546-5292, or if you’re ready to apply to the program, click on the Farm Application link.

Download our Farmer brochure.