Animal Welfare Approved


Kim Alexander, Auditor, was raised on a mixed livestock and crop farm in Iowa. In 1980, he graduated with a B.Sc. in Agriculture Education from Iowa State University before embarking on a long and interesting career in agriculture, starting as a beginner farmer and agriculture instructor. In the 1980s, Kim pioneered a pasture-based layer, broiler, turkey and grass finished beef farming operation in central Texas, processing the poultry on-farm and direct marketing the eggs and meat to local customers – an approach almost unheard of at the time. Since then he has given presentations at numerous sustainable agriculture meetings across the country. Working as a part-time AWA auditor, Kim continues to farm pasture-based cattle, sheep, broilers and pork in western Iowa.

Katie Amos, Lead Farmer and Market Outreach Coordinator, is a Pennsylvania native, currently living in Lancaster County. Before joining AWA, Katie worked as the Marketing & Sales Manager for a small farm selling beef, pork, and lamb, gaining a strong background in livestock production and marketing. She is passionate about  communicating the benefits of high-welfare animal agriculture to consumers and farmers, and enjoys traveling throughout her region to recruit farmers and promote the program. Katie is responsible for farmer and consumer services in the Northeast region.

Karen Anderson, Auditor, originates from Kansas, where frequent visits to her family’s Century farm provided her early agricultural experience. She received her D.V.M. from Kansas State University and has over 20 years experience in veterinary practice. In recent years, she enjoyed keeping her own small flock of egg-laying hens, and has pursued her interest in poultry health and welfare through supplemental courses at the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Animal Sciences. She is pleased to be part of Animal Welfare Approved’s auditor team, and to support farmers who value animal welfare as an essential part of their livelihood.

Anna Bassett, Lead Technical Advisor, is a professionally qualified and highly experienced sustainable livestock specialist with extensive knowledge and skills across a wide range of farmed species. Anna has proven success in a range of areas from practical farm management to project management and consultancy with excellent ability in provision and dissemination of information. Anna has a degree in agriculture, 10 years experience as a farm manager overseeing a range of species and cropping enterprises, four years experience working for the UK’s largest organic certifier – the Soil Association, and now offers advice, support and technical training for the AWA program.

Daniel Brabson, Auditor and Slaughter Specialist, has almost 30 years’ experience in the meat industry. Daniel was raised on a small farm in north Georgia, where his family managed cattle, pigs and chickens. After completing high school and four years of military service, Daniel worked as a butcher for 24 years for various companies, as well as a Market Manager for most of the same period. He then spent five years working for USDA as a Meat Inspector, which covered slaughter plants and processing facilities, before joining AWA.

Dr. Jennifer Burton, DVM, Auditor, earned her DVM at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to that, Dr. Burton worked for ten years in human healthcare including rural emergency response, farm rescue and hospital care.  Her medical training builds on a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology to create a focus on sustainable medicine and food systems.  Dr. Burton’s veterinary interests lie at the intersection of food animal medicine and public health, and include alternative livestock systems, integrative medicine, occupational health for producers and production animals, and ecosystem health.  In addition to private veterinary practice, she works with the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct ecological research using agent-based modeling.  She also teaches undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary students and community members in topic areas relating to sustainable food systems and integrative medicine.  Dr. Burton founded and currently advises the student branch of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, and serves the AHVMA as a committee chair.

Dr. Jan Busboom, Auditor, is a professor and extension specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences at Washington State University (WSU). In addition to his training and experience as a meat scientist and extension meat specialist, he has significant experience in beef, sheep, and swine production. He is a leader of the Western (US) Regional Beef Quality Assurance Program and the WSU Meat Animal Product Quality and Safety Team, as well as a member of the WSU Grass-fed Beef Production Systems Team. Jan was one of the leaders in the production of the Youth Quality Assurance and Animal Care Program published by Ohio State University. Jan and his wife, Janice, have a flock of 37 cross-bred ewes. They sell primarily project lambs for 4H and FFA projects and try to model and teach quality assurance and humane care practices to these young producers.

Callie Casteel, Farmer and Market Outreach Coordinator, is a Mississippi native who currently hails from Lyles, Tennessee. Callie has a background in increasing sustainable food in college dining and other markets. As a former sociology professor, she has also worked to incorporate food studies into the academic curriculum. Callie is passionate about connecting AWA-certified farms with new markets and teaching consumers about the intrinsic connections between animal health, environmental health, and human health. Callie is responsible for farmer and consumer services in the Southeast region.

Alexandra Frantz, Farmer and Market Outreach Coordinator, is a suburban Illinois native with Iowan roots, currently based in Chicago. Before joining AWA, Alex was a Regional Field Organizer for a national college student network, working to promote local, sustainable, fair and high-welfare food sources and increase transparency in university dining halls. She is committed to developing profitable market opportunities for AWA-certified producers, and believes meaningful food labels like AWA have a crucial role to play in creating food systems consumers can trust. Alex is responsible for farmer and consumer services in the Central region.

James Fullilove, Auditor and Slaughter Specialist, was born in Guam, but moved to Texas where he grew up on a ranch raising cattle, pigs and chickens. James graduated from Texas State Technical College in 1994 and went into automotive industry for a short time. In 1999, he opened Smitty’s Market, the family-owned meat market/BBQ restaurant in Lockhart, TX, before becoming general manager at a slaughter plant near Houston owned by a sustainable farm in 2008. In 2012, he moved back to Lockhart to run Smitty’s Market. James has a deep concern about the impact of food choices on our health, the environment and animal welfare, and raising awareness about alternative farming systems.

Lance Gegner, Auditor, is an auditor for the Animal Welfare Approved program. He audits farms and attends agricultural conferences. He previously operated a farm in Minnesota, where he bred and raised pigs from birth to market and raised various crops for feed and sale. He worked for Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas for 20 years, advising members and writing publications on sustainable and organic farming and marketing for crop and livestock farmers all over the United States.

Andrew Gunther, Executive Director, has spearheaded AWA’s growth and development into the only “highly meaningful” food label for farm animal welfare, outdoor access and sustainability, as designated by Consumer Reports. Andrew works to increase the availability of Certified AWA meat, dairy and eggs in traditional retail settings. He is currently a member of the U.S. delegation for development of standards related to ISO/TC 034/WG 16 and the drafting committee.

Susan Harris, Administrative Assistant, joined the Animal Welfare Approved program in November 2014. Susan grew up on a family farm raising cattle and crops in southwest Virginia. She and her family continue a small farm tradition today, hoping to inspire her two young girls the importance of sustainable farming and land stewardship.

Charlie Hester, Auditor and Slaughter Specialist, was raised on his family’s farm in New Mexico. After graduating with at BBA, he left New Mexico and entered corporate America. After 30 years he has returned to his roots. Charlie currently lives in Texas where he serves as Business Manager of a vertically integrated family owned food distribution network which includes a grassfed/natural ranch operation, organic farm, meat processing plant, health food store/restaurant, and direct marketing at 14 area farmers’ markets.  This ranch encompasses a sustainable cattle, hog, sheep, poultry and organic produce operation.

Tim Holmes, Director of Compliance, is a graduate of East Carolina University with a B.S. in industrial engineering technology. With more than 24 years experience as an outdoor pasture pig farmer, Tim is well-suited to inspect and verify compliance of participating farms with Animal Welfare Approved standards. He enjoys working with farmers in the program to help ensure animal well-being.

Amanda Hull, Farmer and Market Outreach Coordinator, was born and raised in Indiana, but has extensive work experience in the West region and is currently based in Tucson, Arizona. She has followed her passion for sustainable agriculture since graduating from Purdue University in 2009, managing small, diverse vegetable operations in Washington and Alaska and working in livestock management in California. She is particularly interested in supporting the creation of profitable, cooperative relationships for farmers, as well as promoting high-quality animal products as part of a healthy diet. Amanda is responsible for farmer and consumer services in the West region.

Angela Keeton, West Coast Office Manager and Assistant to AWA Program Director, joined AWA’s West Coast office in October 2015. With a background in customer service and office administration, Angela’s key responsibilities include the day-to-day management of the office and general administrative tasks, as well as supporting AWA’s Program Director with correspondence, calendar maintenance and travel assistance. Growing up on a small farm on the Agency Plains, just outside Madras, central Oregon has always been Angela’s home. She now lives in Madras with her husband and children, and enjoys gardening and other outdoor adventures.

Emily Lancaster Moose, Director of Communications and Outreach, developed an interest in food, sustainability, and agriculture at an early age during summer visits to her cousin’s hog farm in eastern Virginia. After studying sustainable agriculture in college, Emily gained hands-on experience working at several farms in her native state of North Carolina. Based in Pittsboro, NC, Emily now works with AWA to build consumer awareness of the program and provide farmers with the highest level of service and support, leading AWA’s four-region Outreach Team, guiding communications, and developing new programs and initiatives within the program. She also coordinates AWA’s Labeling Assistance program.

Tim Linquist, Auditor/Slaughter Specialist, graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2000. He was born and raised on a cattle ranch in northern California and has been involved in animal production for his entire life including chickens, pigs, sheep, cattle and now goats. Tim has worked in the meat industry for the past 10 years and currently runs 300 meat goats for weed and brush control and is developing niche markets for restaurants and specialty shops. His wife Lynda and their two sons operate the family’s meat goat operation in Wilder, Idaho.

Richard Long, Auditor, grew up on a family dairy farm in Western New York and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science from North Carolina State University. After graduating he returned home and operated the family farm in partnership with his father. Next, he returned to school to get an additional BS degree in Chemical Engineering and worked in industry for several years. Now that he’s retired he is very excited to return to the agricultural world as an auditor for Animal Welfare Approved. In his spare time he also assists with local youth programs and is leader of the local 4-H Sheep Club. Richard and his family currently maintain a flock of registered Lincoln Longwool sheep for show and for wool production.

Frank Morison, Auditor, is an auditor for the Animal Welfare Approved program. He was raised on a family farm in Maryland producing poultry, cattle, hogs, corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay and eventually took over the farm. Frank has participated in a horse rescue program for race horses and adopted two horses who are now a part of the family farm. He also works with various sustainable agricultural groups who utilize his technological knowledge and experience. He attends conferences and meetings related to building local food systems and is assisting on a project working toward building local food production.

Peter Mundy, Writer/Editor, spent much of his childhood in upstate New York, before moving with his family to the UK. After gaining a MSc in environmental policy and management in 1997, he joined the UK’s largest organic certifier—the Soil Association—where he worked as editor for the Organic Farming magazine for over 12 years. As a freelance writer, he has worked on several major sustainable food and farming projects, including editing the original content for the European Commission’s consumer-facing Organic Farming website. Peter is responsible for producing the quarterly AWA Newsletter, as well as contributing to other written material from the program.

Stan Pace, Auditor, joined Animal Welfare Approved as an auditor in July of 2010. Stan grew up on a family farm in Mississippi that raised poultry and cattle. After getting his B.S. in Animal Science from MSU in 1987 and a M.S degree in Agriculture Education from Oklahoma State University in 1992 he worked with various large agriculture corporations in the poultry industry. In 2007 after resigning as an Extension Agent in Mississippi, Stan, his wife, Kathy, and their 4 children purchased a farm and began producing and selling grass finished, all natural beef in central Kentucky. Additionally, since 2007, he has worked with various sustainable agricultural groups in an effort to promote sustainable local foods and family farms.

Christine Peckham, Corrective Action Plan Coordinator, holds a M.S. degree in Geology from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. Previously, Chris performed technical and regulatory reviews of hazardous waste management facility permit applications and provided guidance and support for those facilities seeking permits. She also has extensive experience in the review, approval, and oversight of the implementation of corrective action plans for the remediation of contaminated soil and ground water at hazardous waste management facilities. Agriculturally, Chris worked as a scout for a crop management consulting firm, identifying and reporting insect and weed pests, plant diseases, mineral deficiencies, and any other potential negative impacts on corn, soybean, and wheat crops.

Kenneth Smith, Slaughter Specialist, holds a Master’s of Science in Animal Welfare and Behavioral Psychology, along with degrees in Animal Science and History. Ken has worked in various areas of animal agriculture, including processing facilities where he gained experience in all areas of operations. He also has experience in dairy, pigs and cattle. His background and experience allow him to understand the challenges of the meat industry and seek out ways to improve welfare and handling, for both animals and employees.

Rob Stokes, Auditor, graduated from California State University, Chico with a degree in Animal Science production. For 13 years, he managed beef cattle operations for Niman Ranch. He and his family have spent the past year in Eastern Oregon raising meat goats for range restoration and developing a niche market into the restaurant trade, while running a Small cow/calf operation on their ranch. Rob serves the Animal Welfare Approved program as an auditor, bringing the experience and desire to help producers expand their knowledge of sustainable agriculture and animal welfare issues.

Erika Voogd, Voogd Consulting, Inc., Slaughter Specialist, has over 25 years experience in the meat industry, specializing in global assistance to meat processors and producers. Her areas of expertise include animal welfare, food safety, HACCP, quality assurance, sanitation and USDA regulations. Since 1999, she has worked closely with Dr. Temple Grandin and McDonald’s during the implementation of the McDonald’s System Animal Welfare Goals in Asia, Australia, Latin America and North America. She has assisted Dr. Grandin during training of auditors in Asia, Australia, Brazil and North America and has independently taught McDonald’s System auditors in Canada and Latin America. Recent assignments include training on behalf of the US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agriculture Service to prepare meat plants for export to the United States. Erika evaluates and advises plants that are visited as part of the Animal Welfare Approved program.

Julie Suarez Walker, Director of Operations, is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the AWA program. She ensures the program functions smoothly while operating within the guidelines of AWA’s ISO/IEC Guide 17065 accreditation. She has over 12 years of experience in non-profit management.

Mick Weirich, Auditor, grew up on a farm in western Michigan where he raised Hereford cattle, pigs and a small dairy herd. The land was also used to raise wheat, corn and hay. Mick received a BS and DVM from Michigan State University and practiced veterinary medicine in the Buffalo, NY area until moving back to Michigan where he helped out at an animal clinic during the summer. His interests include flying, golf and veterinary medicine work. He enjoys farm visits, meeting AWA farmers and their families, and observing the variety of farming methods.

Wendy Weirich, Auditor, received her BS and DVM degrees from Michigan State University and her MSc in Livestock Health and Production from the University of London/Royal Veterinary College. She has worked for the last several years in many aspects of small and large animal welfare including projects in nutrition, behavior, housing and overall well-being. She is also certified in medical acupuncture for veterinarians. Wendy lives on a farm where she raises and cares for Nigerian dwarf goats, Norwegian Fjord horses and Rhode Island Red chickens. She enjoys bringing together veterinary and animal husbandry skills to help elevate the level of welfare available to all kinds of animals – and people too.

Stephanie Wuorenma, Communications Coordinator, joined AWA in Redmond, Oregon, in 2015 with over 20 years’ experience in marketing, printing/publishing, and commercial art. Stephanie is responsible for website maintenance, social media content, and public relations in areas including sustainable farming, food health, and the environment. She strongly believes that we all have a vested interest in helping to provide consumers with high-welfare, sustainable foods–today and for generations to come.